Managing ADHD

Adults with ADHD

While everyone experiences ADHD in their own way most experience frustrations with time management, inattention, impulsivity and organization. Common shared experiences include failures to follow through with schedules, plans or important tasks. These frustrations create stressors in both work and home life. It is possible that you just recently learned of your diagnosis and are still trying to understand how to best manage your life. At Brainwise Strategies, we will help you work on the issues that impact your life and relationships and put in place systems that will help you handle your various responsibilities.

If you relate to any or all of the following. You may be unnecessarily suffering. There are tools I can teach you to help conquer the daily issues you may be experiencing.

  • I lose track of time and am frequently late to appointments.
  • I start projects but seldom complete them.
  • I disappoint others, especially my family members, because I am often late or miss important events.
  • My friend says that I say things without thinking.
  • I often insult people without knowing it.
  • My organization skills are non-existent.
  • I struggle to keep jobs.
  • My desk is a mess and I spend a lot of time trying to find things.
  • I have a lot of ideas racing in my head all the time.
  • It is hard to keep focus.
  • I have a hard time planning for the future.
  • I spend too much money.
  • I lose things all the time.
  • I procrastinate and work on things that are easy for me, but avoid the hard stuff.
  • I get easily distracted and find myself losing track of the conversation when speaking to others.
  • I am often accused of not listening. I often feel unprepared.
  • I am often playing catch up at school, work and home.

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