About Us

Brainwise Strategies exists to help people with ADHD navigate the maze of executive functioning.

For people who struggle with ADHD the difficulties often lie in executive functions. Executive functions are the mental processes necessary to perform certain activities like planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention, remembering details and managing time and space. It is hard to realize your full potential, talents or abilities when you struggle to execute on these skills.

Whether at school, home or in the office, ADHD can make seemingly simple tasks appear monumental.

We do this by raising awareness and helping our clients develop the skills and strategies for success in life. If you feel stuck, disorganized, cluttered and frustrated, you can break the pattern of difficulty and establish skills to help you reach your goals.

A Note from Our Founder – Gail Flanigan, Ph.D

Dr. Gail Flanigan is an educational psychologist with over 20 years of experience in education and learning disabilities. Gail’s professional experience includes working with children in special needs classrooms, staff development, psycho-educational testing and university teaching. She has presented both nationally and internationally on topics of learning differences, differentiated instruction, ADHD, executive functioning and cognitive development. Having just recently returned to private practice after 16 years in both the private and public school systems, she now coaches adolescents and adults with ADHD to help build strategies for success.

Gail is an active member of CHADD, The Learning and the Brain Society, and the American Psychological Association. As a parent of two children with learning differences, she is a strong advocate for children with special needs. She just recently joined the Board of Trustees at The Swift School in Roswell, Georgia, a school for children with dyslexia and other language based learning differences.