Managing ADHD

Teachers with ADHD Students

“My class is full of diverse learners. It is hard to meet everyone’s needs. My classroom is so disorganized, but I am not sure how to change it. I have several children in my class who have ADHD, but they all act differently. How can they have the same diagnosis? There are days that seem so out of control. Sometimes I think an ADHD diagnosis is just an excuse for not doing well in school. Am I missing something?”

ADHD is a complex diagnosis. Although there are various symptoms associated with ADHD, no two children with ADHD behave exactly the same way. In fact, the behavior of children with ADHD can vary widely in different contexts (i.e., home, school, ball field, playground), and thus, can present many challenges to, you, the classroom teacher. You may also feel unprepared to deal with these challenges.

At Brainwise Strategies, we will discuss the complex nature of ADHD and the impact on your classroom. We will consider different strategies that would work well with your curriculum and classroom schedule. Consistent communication with parents is also critical, and together, we will explore how best to convey your classroom concerns and observations.

The school year is so important for developing persistence, confidence and mastery. Let it also be rewarding for both you and your students.