Managing ADHD

Parents with ADHD Children

“I get so frustrated with my child. I have to tell him things over and over and he still forgets. How will she ever become a responsible adult? I want to have more fun with my child, but his ADHD gets in the way. I know my child is bright and funny, but sometimes I, myself, forget all of her strengths because I feel like I am always managing her ADHD. If I get one more call from a teacher…”

Parenting a child with ADHD can be extremely difficult on the parent and the entire family as a whole. ADHD is a diagnosis that knows no vacations and can often bring a great deal of stress and confusion to the family. Parents, in particular, are challenged daily to positively support and care for their unique child with ADHD. Feedback from the outside world can often assume that ADHD is the result of a parenting problem – this is simply untrue.

At Brainwise Strategies, we will work to help you understand how symptoms of ADHD affect your child. We will design positive parenting strategies in order to put the positive back into your relationship with your child or to simply keep it there.